There are plenty of places to visit near your Meuse Villa. The Maasplassen lakes are only half an hour’s boat trip away. This extensive area comprising big and small lakes, created by gravel quarrying, is one of the biggest uninterrupted water sports areas in the Netherlands. Its diversity makes the whole area unique. You can enjoy various activities there, including swimming, surfing, sailing, diving and water skiing. There are several modern marinas, beautiful beaches and excellent fishing spots.

It’s easy to plan other activities and excursions from your Meuse Villa too. There are lots of cycle routes in the vicinity. Most of them are signposted along the cycle junction network, which makes the routes easy to follow. Imagine taking your bike on the ferry across the Meuse to Belgium on a sunny Saturday and cycling to Maaseik. After exploring this picturesque and historic town, you can enjoy a delicious meal with local wine or beer before cycling back along the river to your Meuse Villa.

Other towns and cities in the neighbourhood, such as Thorn, Roermond, Hasselt, Maastricht and Maasmechelen, are definitely worth a visit too. You can enjoy all the cultural facilities, good food and wine, and modern shops. Fashion, design, antiques and curiosities, and of course a range of local produce make these towns even more attractive for day trips.

The region is also famous for its historic castles: De Grote Hegge in Thorn and Kasteel Daelenbroeck are situated close by.

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