Enjoying the good life in Limburg

Limburg boasts more gourmet restaurants than any other region in the Netherlands. But if you’d rather eat at a cosy brasserie, café-restaurant or village pub, there’s plenty of choice in Limburg! The province is famous for its delicious food and wine, its hospitality and its enjoyment of all the good things in life. The wide variety of local produce and traditional delicacies explains why the people of Limburg are so well known for their love of good food. Delicious Limburg products range from asparagus, the queen of vegetables, to the traditional Limburg flan. Succulent dishes are prepared and cooked with loving care and accompanied by excellent wines, while the friendly service adds the finishing touch to Limburg’s famous hospitality. You can enjoy a meal at any of the local restaurants displaying these local dishes on the menu, lovingly prepared with fresh produce from Limburg.

Most of the Dutch breweries are located in the province of Limburg. Each brewery has its own history and its own recipe for brewing the most delicious types of beer. Whatever your personal preference - Old Brown ale, Bock beer or malt beer - you can find them all in Limburg, where the brewers concentrate on making the perfect beer for you. When you drink Limburg beer, you can really taste the quality, since the brewers only use the very best ingredients.
There are numerous south-facing slopes in southern Limburg, making it ideal for the cultivation of vines. Most of the vineyards are open to the public, where you can taste the delicious wines made there.

The most famous Limburg cheese is rommedoe. This cheese was originally made in medieval monasteries, where the reddish-brown bacteria that give the cheese its distinctive colour and flavour also evolved. The marl soil rich in minerals which is frequently found in southern Limburg also contributes to the strong aroma and taste. There are many delicious traditional types of cheese for you to try in Limburg, produced at the numerous dairy farms in the province.

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Enjoying the good life in Limburg


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