Living on water

Following the completion of 50 floating and semi-floating villas on the Gouden Kust (Gold Coast) at Maasbommel, the Dura Vermeer construction company found new development opportunities at Ohé en Laak. This unique location on the Meuse is ideal for another building project with floating homes. The Ohé & Laak Meuse Villas project was developed with the same partners as for the Maasbommel project. The project comprises 32 floating and semi-floating villas on the Meuse.

River basin
Construction work in the Meuse basin is required to comply with exceptionally stringent standards and planning permission is only granted in exceptional cases such as the “EMAB” (experimental modified building) locations. An extensive series of procedures need to be completed before construction can commence.
The Ohé & Laak Meuse Villas project is not only located outside the dyke in the Meuse basin, but on and around the dyke too, making these procedures even more complicated. Furthermore, we need to make a substantial contribution to lowering the impoundage in the Meuse at high tide. Naturally, the Ohé & Laak Meuse Villas Project fulfils all the necessary requirements.

Innovative building
Due to their weight, the Meuse Villas will be completely built in a solid timber-framed construction. Both the materials and the level of finishing comply with the highest quality standards.
The building principle consists of a concrete floating barge with a timber-frame structure. Unlike many other floating home designs, this gives the villas plenty of room due to the clever layout and functional use of the concrete floating barge.
These exclusive recreational villas are top quality with luxury fittings, which can be altered and arranged to suit your own taste.
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