Ohé & Laak

The Eiland in de Maas (Island in the Meuse) lies between two branches of the River Meuse. The main stem of the river also forms the border between the Netherlands and Belgium, and is sometimes known as the Grensmaas (Meuse Border). There are two main attractions on the island: the small fortified town of Stevensweert, and the rural area of Ohé en Laak.

The rural Ohé en Laak area is in the southern part of the Eiland in de Maas, with Ohé at its heart. This is home to the historic Hasselholt Castle, a nobleman’s country seat dating from the 16th century. From here cyclists and walkers can cross over to Belgium on the Meuse ferry.

The island is situated in central Limburg, an area famous for its many cycle routes, picturesque villages and recreational facilities. From here, the cities of Heerlen or Maastricht and neighbouring Belgium are within easy reach, making it ideal for people seeking recreation, nature and culture.

Besides the castle, the regional museum (Streekmuseum Stevensweert/Ohé en Laak) is definitely worth a visit.

Nearby Stevensweert is a picturesque fortified town dating from the 13th century. All the streets lead to the centre like spokes in a wheel, which has resulted in a characteristic building style.

Ohé & Laak

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