The island of Ohé & Laak and Stevensweert is located among the Maasplassen lakes. In recent years, it has become an increasingly popular recreation area for lovers of water sports. The Maasplassen lakes are just half an hour’s boat trip away from your Meuse Villa if you travel along the old Meuse, which is also the Belgian border. As all commercial shipping travels along the Julianakanaal on the east side, you won’t find any big ships here.

Surrounded by areas of natural beauty, the Maasplassen lakes are currently the biggest uninterrupted water sports area in the Netherlands, a paradise for anyone who enjoys swimming, sailing, surfing and water-skiing.

Popular areas of natural beauty are just half an hour’s drive away. You can enjoy walks through the lovely countryside at Meinweg near Herkenbosch, Brachterwald in Germany, De Groote Peel near Meijel and the Hoge Kempen National Park near Maasmechelen in Belgium.

Ohé & Laak is ideally situated for trips to neighbouring towns and cities too. Maaseik is only 15 minutes’ drive away, while Roermond can be reached in 20 minutes. Heerlen and Maastricht are half an hour’s drive away, and a 45-minute drive takes you right to the centre of historic Aachen. Eindhoven and Venlo (which is hosting the Floriade this year) are also only forty-five minutes away. So more than enough places of interest to visit when you are staying at your Meuse Villa.

Ohé & Laak

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